This is me, jumping on the bandwagon.

I, like many of my fellow Tulanians, am headed to Europe (Paris, specifically) for the fall semester. And I, like many of my fellow Tulanians, have decided to blog about it.

I’ve never been one to successfully keep up with a journal, but I’m hoping that all of my loyal readers (a.k.a. my mom…hi, Mom!) will motivate me to stay on top of updating this. I figure if all goes well, I’ll enjoy having these posts to be able to look back on my semester abroad!

I can promise posts about good food, travels, my struggles to communicate with my sub-par French, things I want to buy but can’t, things I do buy but shouldn’t, my hourly daily consumption of French pastries, (hopefully!) lots of European travels, me drooling over Impressionist art, and maybe even the occasional breakdown. If you’re really lucky.

I leave tomorrow afternoon and will land in London (!) Thursday morning, where I’ll spend the weekend with my friend Allison before heading to Paris on Sunday. I’ve packed my two largest suitcases, made hotel and train reservations, spent endless hours pouring over maps of Paris and London, and sent out dozens of messages asking for advice. I’m still not sure I’m ready. I guess time will tell!

Until next time, Tessa


4 responses to “bonjour!

  1. Bon Voyage. Ne peut pas attendre d’entendre tout de lui. Vous manquera.

  2. Maryann Vaughan

    Je t’aime my darling granddaughter. Deep breaths, rosary in hand, and good music to calm you and know that you always on my mind and in my heart. Be alert and have a ball!!!Look forward to your next blog. Amma

  3. Ill be checking in daily cuz. I love and miss. have a blast

  4. I have the best family. 🙂 Miss and love you all!

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