London, Part Deux

If the spoiler alert in the title didn’t clue you in (it probably didn’t, worst spoiler alert ever), I’m actually writing this from my dorm in Paris! But before I get to that, I have some more glorious times in London to fill you in on. I already miss the place so much it hurts. Seriously, I’m in love. Sorry New York, London just royally knocked you off your favorite-city-besides-New Orleans pedestal…now let’s see if Paris gives London a run for its money. 🙂

Oh, and I thought I should let you know that my last post was actually finished up in a pub. On a Friday night. In London. Yes, if I didn’t make that clear enough, Allison and I spent our Friday Night (caps necessary) in London blogging in a pub. I’m not ashamed. Go ahead…admit it. You wish you were us.



sad moment, friends

Let’s see…so, Saturday in London began like Friday did: later than expected. We’ve both been tired in the morning, but if that’s the only little big of jet lag I’m going to experience, I’ll take it happily and stop complaining. Anyway, we headed back to the Whole Foods that is like the place I’ll go to when I die if I’m good for the rest of my life. We took advantage of their free WiFi to obsessively facebook/email some more (I had no idea being without WiFi would feel like dying of thirst…it was rough), and then headed out for the day on the tube!


We got so proficient at asking, “would you mind taking our picture?”…I can actually say it in five languages now. No I can’t.

Our first stop was Notting Hill. This was…amazing. Like everything in London. Notting Hill was charming and colorful and reminded me of San Francisco. Me matching London boroughs with their American city counterparts became something of a theme on this trip, actually. One of the things I love most about London is that when you go to different parts of the city, you feel like you’re in a brand new place. Everywhere has a very different feel to it, so you almost feel like you’ve gotten to visit several cities in one day. Several perfect cities.



But anyway, back to Notting Hill. I’m going to give a shoutout to my sister here, both because of our mutual love for the film but also because I knew right away that were she in London with me, it would have been her favorite part of the city. So, for those of you who know Isabel, that might help you get a better idea of what Notting Hill was like. Charming, a little bit eccentric, absolutely beautiful, and very fun. It was super busy because I guess it’s the weekend of Notting Hill Carnival. (I don’t know what this is, but I looked for Mardi Gras floats, and I’m sad to report I saw none). I’ve never minded crowds, though!




fleur de lis! always puts a smile on my face

The weather was alternating between drizzling rain and bursts of perfect sunshine all day, but luckily, our trip to Notting Hill was sunny and gorgeously lit. In no time at all, we had reached our destination: Portobello Rd. Market!


Portobello Road Market was such a treat. It’s an antiques market that spreads for blocks and blocks. We had so much fun wandering through the beautiful neighborhood and looking at all the cool trinkets for sale. I didn’t end up buying anything (those of you who know me well will be proud to know I resisted several very pretty scarves), but I was tempted.


I have a huge obsession with these signs, and this was an authentic WWII-era one…ugh. Should have gotten it.


For you, Dad!


I thought Americans were obsessed with the Royal Wedding, but Brits take it to a whole new level. Should have gotten a mug.


Could have eaten every one.


The market was so much fun, and I’m so glad we braved the crowds and went to see it. But soon enough, we were headed back to the Underground stop, headed to Knightsbridge…


home of



Allison and I spent a really long time here. Really long. But it’s hard not to! This place is amazing. It’s like wonderland.The building is gorgeous and feels like some sort of treasure haven…you can easily get lost in what feels like hundreds of rooms. I think I can expand my Whole Foods heaven to include Harrods. They have everything. We started at the Food Halls, which were awesome. Rooms and rooms full of prepared foods of every imaginable variety, restaurants, chocolates, pastries, bread, pantry items, produce, specialty coffees and teas…it was jaw-dropping. And yes, I’m going to subject you to a ridiculous number of photographs of said food halls. Excessive photographs: new theme of the post. Harrods deserves it.





What’s that? I almost only took pictures of sugary things? Hmm, weird. Not like me at all. And in addition to all this, they also had a Ladurée tea shop (I didn’t go because I now live just a few blocks from the Parisian original :)…hehe) and an authentic old-fashioned ice cream parlor. So cool!

After purchasing a few little chocolates to nibble on, Allison and I headed off to enjoy the rest of the store. We had way too much fun doing so.

From claiming furniture as our own…


To playing house in some stunning rooms. (Seriously, this floor was like posh Ikea…)


Yes, I live here…

To taking goofy mirror pictures in said faux-houses.


We had an especially great time in the kid’s section, where we photographed doll house crime scenes…


Something bad happened here.

And where Allison played dinosaur.


So, anyway. Like I said. So much (too much?) fun in Harrods. I could have spent two days there, I think. I’m especially bummed that I didn’t get to see the pet section :(…these precious faces back home are expecting gifts upon my return.



because stealing my computer isn’t enough

After Harrods, we were off to do some history dork stuff…my favorite thing ever. To Tower Hill!


Being here gave me goosebumps. It’s incredible to think how much history is behind this and how long it’s been standing on this very spot. That’s one of the things I loved most about London: how the city has just sort of perfectly grown up around all these buildings that are hundreds of years old. It makes for quite the breathtaking effect.


I’d have liked to go inside, but 1. we were too late for the tour, and 2. the tour was a fortune. Well, that’s an exaggeration. (Shocking, coming from me.) It was pricey. I was happy just to see the outside!

We walked over to Tower Bridge, which was looking seriously stunning. (There aren’t enough enthusiastic adjectives about beauty to describe London. I might have to resort to French in a minute here.) It was raining when we’d left Harrods but had stopped by the time we got to London Tower, and it was just as beautiful as Westminster after the rain the day before. I’d put up with constant rain to see London sights under post-rain skies…très jolie!


i love the rain the most when it stops (name that lyric)

We walked across the bridge, which offered up more incredible views of the sunset on the Thames.


P8270502 P8270503 P8270508

Once across, I dragged Allison around what I guess is the Southwark/Borough Area on an endless quest to find the Globe Theatre. I have a major love for Billy Shakespeare, so I really wanted to see this one. But it took forever. I’m pretty sure Allison wanted to kill me. But luckily, the first bit of the walk was on the river, so views were breathtaking as usual. I don’t think Allison and I were even talking…just walking around with our mouths gaping open, staring with wide eyes and taking as many photographs as possible. I loved this part of London. There were lots of cool little restaurants on the river that I’d love to eat at sometime, and even though some of the buildings were very modern here (not my thing), they were beautifully constructed and looked incredible by the river. Another of the things I loved most about London was seeing the very modern right next to the deeply historical…so cool.





We walked past London Bridge…


through the location for Borough Market (where I will most definitely be going on a return trip)


past some cool little restaurants and streets…



…and finally, about the time when Allison was trying to figure out how to push me into the Thames and run off, we found the Globe.



Then it was across the Millenium Bridge at twilight, which was also so pretty I’ve run out of words to describe how pretty it was. Allison said it made the whole Globe quest totally worth it. Unfortunately, most of my photos are a little blurry, as I haven’t yet quite figured out how to take good night pictures on my camera.


St. Paul’s at the end



Then we got back on the train to go to King’s Cross/St. Pancras. Bet you know what I was doing there. No, seriously, I probably don’t even have to tell any of you. But I will. PLATFORM 9 3/4!

In full disclosure, I did get a picture, and I will show it to you (if anyone’s still reading at this point). But first I need to honor Allison by at least mentioning how much of an insane task it was to try to find this place. First of all, there are like a million different variations of King’s Cross and St. Pancras listed on Google maps. We weren’t sure which one we were looking for. I was so frantic that I was basically running around trying to find the platform. (They couldn’t seal it before I got on the Hogwarts Express, obviously!) And Allison deserves the friend of the decade award for not murdering me after I put her through not one, but TWO mad goose chases for things I needed to see merely because they had a lot of sentimental value for me. Plus, we were both getting more exhausted, hungry, and cold by the second. It was…an adventure. But it was all worth it because…


Can you see the glee on my face? And the “this was SO not worth it” on Allison’s? Allison, I owe you.



Once this was finally taken care of, we headed to the Rocket, a pub that had been recommended to me.


It was awesome, but sadly, we only stayed for a bit, as we were both starving and they weren’t serving food.

Off to Pizza Express! Which sounds lame, but was actually fairly cool.


Another goobery mirror shot for you!


That’s better.

The pizza was delicious, and we were exhausted. So after dinner, we headed home. This post has been extremely long…if you stuck with it, I love you. I think that I’ll start giving out prizes to people who make it to the end of these. I’ll post about today…tomorrow, I guess. Until then!



8 responses to “London, Part Deux

  1. I love reading your blog! Your excursions remind me of the woman who speed-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 46 days. She was a pansy in comparison.

  2. Read every word and savored every photo! Glad to see you having so much fun. France will be just as awesome. Give her time and get to know her slowly! (But definitely as thoroughly!)
    Love ya!

  3. naturally my favorite part were the pics of lulu and mimi. so cute! can’t wait to join you in europe

  4. Maryann Vaughan

    I told you so!!!!! We, poppy and I enjoyed your blog tremendously and wished “Ah to be young again.” I’ve been to London about a half a dozen times and never saw most of the things you saw. You are glowing my darling girl….your writing is publishable…keep it up. Love you so much.

  5. Ann Tyler Moses

    Please publish a travel guide. I am digging your sparkling prose and have legit lol’d multiple times. So happy that you’re having such an epic trip. Also, so vicariously excited that you went to Platform 9 3/4.

    • hahaha thanks! i’m glad. yeah, i told allison from the start that if we went nowhere else we were going there…harry potter forever. i’m so glad you get this about me.

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