thus far

Hello everyone! So, I don’t have much to post because I haven’t done anything hugely exciting these past few days. I’ve mostly been attending orientation sessions and activities for my school and attempting to get everything set up here. (On that front, I have very good news: received both my Parisian bank account number and my pass Navigo–the unlimited monthly metro pass–today! No one else is excited? Really? Because I’m thrilled.)


Don’t I look thrilled in my no-smiling-allowed French official photo?

I have been up to some fun things, though. Such as, first and foremost, falling in love with Paris. I cannot imagine a more beautiful city existing, anywhere. I feel like I’m constantly walking around a the set of a movie. A movie about somewhere surreally perfect.

It’s amazing how often the Eiffel Tower seems to just pop up in Paris. You can be in any number of arrondissements, turn around, and it’s just there. Being gorgeous.


Like in Place de la Concorde…


…or in the Trocadéro…


…or on the Seine (yes, on the Seine, more on that later)…


…or even just outside of my dorm window. Sigh.

I’ve spotted the Eiffel Tower from the metro. I’ve spotted it while running. It’s so cool that this emblem of Paris really does make its presence known over so much of the city. It constantly reminds you of exactly where you are, and I love it.

Unfortunately, a lot of the wandering around Paris I’ve done has been either while running or while getting lost running some mundane errand. Neither of these occasions really call for a camera, so I don’t have many pictures of these…adventures. I guess the lesson is to always bring the camera! (And as a sidenote: it is SO easy to get lost in Paris. I have a pretty good sense of direction and don’t often find myself with no idea where I am, even in new cities, but just in the past few days, I’ve found myself completely turned around so many times. I think I’ll actually write a post about it, because there are just so many stories to tell.) Anyway, here a few of my photos of Paris thus far.







I was going to caption them, but what can I say? They speak for themselves. Paris is miraculously just like you’d picture it. Well, like you’d picture it, but even better in person. It’s not like the movies and photographs leave the ugly parts out. They’re just not there.

I mentioned being on the Seine. My school took us on a boat tour of Paris this week, and I’m so glad they did. It’s the kind of thing I probably wouldn’t have done on my own, but it was a really beautiful way to get to see the city. I saw some cool landmarks, too!








The closest I’ve been to the Eiffel Tower so far. It’s huge! And so incredibly intricate. I can’t wait to go see it even closer.

So, aside from seeing Paris, I’ve also been eating. Yeah, I mean, I don’t think this is groundbreaking news or anything, but everything is obviously amazing. It’s love.


petit brioche au sucre


heavenly (and badly lit) desserts


CREPES! Sorry, Crepes à la Carte, it’s over between us. I’ve found someone else.


And, most importantly, my first crème brûlée. (You know this one’s authentic because I added the accents.) This is my very favorite dessert, and while it’s heavenly in the U.S., it’s about 20 times better here. Maybe it’s the atmosphere. What can I say. It’s lovely.


Me, SO happy. Also, my first café dinner with my friends Emily and Fabienne, who you Tulane people know & love. Be jealous.

Other French eats include French onion soup, baguette sandwiches, tons of cheese, pain au chocolat, more baguettes than is nutritionally responsible, and of course, a macaroon or two. 🙂

I’m headed out! Bonne nuit, mes amis!


One response to “thus far

  1. Yum Yum Creme Brule (american computerds don’t have fancy marks) has been my favorite dessert forever. I would hardly ever have dessert, honest, unless CB was offered. It’s a good thing you are running darling, with all those breads, cheese and macaroons you’d weigh a ton. yeah right! Beautiful day in the mountains…..I think this will be the first year in a long time I’ll hate going back to Cary. or rather leave the mountains. Ask your mom about the time she, Maureen and I took a vaperetto ride in Venice and some man tried to pick me up. They didn’t think it was funny. Happened in Rome too.
    Ah well…what can I tell you. Love, Amma

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