“This is ridiculous.” …

“This, madame, is Versailles.”


For some reason, those two lines from the movie Marie Antoinette have stuck with me over the years. I think I’ve only seen the movie twice, but then I went to find the trailer for you all…

and look! It’s in the trailer! So maybe that’s why I remember it.


Anyway, after a visit I paid to Versailles earlier this week, let me just say–I get it. “Ridiculous” is one of many words you could use to describe the place. (Others include, but are not limited to, “beautiful”, “gigantic”, “lavish”, “excessive”, “enviable”, and “expensive”. Wait, make that “robbery”.)


Since so much of Versailles and the history tied to it is about excess, I thought I’d play a little game. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…

Versailles in Numbers


photographs taken: 155


distance travelled (by train) from Paris (in miles): 16


euros spent: 23.80


euros I would have spent if not for my student discount: 48.80


number of times I had to explain that a driver’s license is valid ID so that I could obtain said discount: 3


times I got yelled at by French people: 3


Once for taking a drink somewhere it wasn’t allowed, once for being in the way of a golf cart, once for walking somewhere I wasn’t supposed to walk. There weren’t signs informing me of this. No, just angry guards with guns.

absolutely perfect hot chocolates consumed: 1


Apparently Angelina is famous for their hot chocolate. Which is completely legitimate…it tasted like melted chocolate bar.

times I (weirdly) felt sorry for Marie-Antoinette: 2

Once when I found out that Versailles apparently housed thousands of people


So I imagine it always felt as horribly crowded as it did when I went? Authentic experience.

And once when I saw the door she fled through when angry French crowds were rioting outside her window. (You don’t know terror until you’ve invoked the wrath of a Parisian.)


There’s the door. There’s the head of a tourist–because no Versailles photo is complete without one.

number of mirrors in the infamous Hall of Mirrors: 357


number of those mirrors I photographed: all of them?


times I geeked out over artwork: just once, oddly enough


This was made by Bernini, my absolute favorite sculptor of all time. In fact, when I go to Italy (IN OCTOBER!!!!!!), one of the number one things I intend to do there is go visit as many Bernini works as I can.


times I wished I’d brought a jacket: (rough estimate) 101380918. Don’t trust weather.com France.


amount of things I actually would have taken home with me, had they allowed it: All of them. Realistically, 2.

this wall covering


Here’s a detail. Don’t know what color I’d pick.


and one of these chairs


tourists at Versailles on the random Tuesday we were there: 10,000 and their mothers


times I was literally knocked off my feet by one of those desperate camera-toting tourists (glad I’m not one): Okay, only once, but still.


amount of times I inadvertently photobombed someone’s picture: again, rough estimate, but I’m going to say…569


hours spent walking around: 5


hours I could have spent walking around: 100, if there were no tourists


total acres: 19,262 (larger than the island of Manhattan!)


things that looked bad in the gardens: Well, I don’t actually know exact quantity, but these things were scattered around and I thought they looked horrible…like, who put their destroyed car parts in the gardens of Versailles, and why has no one taken care of them?


Mistakes made: 1. We wanted to go visit Marie-Antoinette’s country house, and we thought we did. Then, just now, while I was researching, I learned she actually had a whole little hamlet made! Basically so that she could pretend to be a peasant. A peasant with unlimited access to Ladurée pastries. So, anyway. I’ll be returning ASAP (it’s such an easy trip for me), and next time, I’m going to Le Hameau.


I can’t wait to return. Versailles is worth the day trip. It’s really a spectacle to behold. And so inspiring for future interior decorators and landscape architects!


Not. If your budget exceeds 1 billion, maybe.


See you soon, Versailles!



5 responses to ““This is ridiculous.” …

  1. Just so you realize I really am paying attention and reading all the way through each note, with jealousy I must add, I want to know where the other 123 pictures are?
    I was going to offer my photography services, but I see your dad trained you well! But! should you need reinforcements, don’t hesitate to contact me… for anything!
    Glad it’s continuing to go so well.
    Love ya!

  2. I am still continuing to be envious of your uber chic Parisian life. Versailles looks divine.

  3. I’m really enjoying your blog! It’s almost like being there, but I’m warm and not getting yelled at. Except by Lulu when it’s time to feed her.

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