light show at la tour eiffel

In honor of the new millennium, thousands of flash bulbs and four search lights were installed on the Eiffel Tower to create a light show to ring in New Years Eve on 1999. On that night, fireworks were also set off around the tower (which I can only imagine was spectacular beyond description), but the light show itself was so popular that it since has become a nightly event. Every hour on the hour, the 20,000 bulbs flash on and off to give the tower a twinkling appearance. (One of the books I read recently describes seeing the Eiffel Tower “sparking like champagne bubbles”; I find this description is both perfectly accurate and situationally appropriate.)


The other night, I went with some friends (and by some friends I mean several bottles of wine…JUST KIDDING, there were wine friends AND real friends, promise) to go sit in the Champ-de-Mars and watch a few of the shows. It really was completely beautiful, a Parisian experience that is not to be missed. Seeing this is one of those moments that alternately makes me want to pinch myself and throw my arms open and start singing about the perfection of life in Paris. I picture Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music, just with chicer clothes and a more urban backdrop. Don’t worry, I didn’t. (Trust me, no one wants to see hear that.) But you get the idea. I have to say, life these days is pretty dreamlike and perfect.

The video doesn’t quite capture the magic, but I thought I’d throw one in anyway to give you a better idea of what it looks like. (Hope you appreciate the eloquent narration…seriously, though, reactions can’t be helped.)

If you’re ever in Paris, I highly recommend taking a few hours out of one night to go do this. It’s beautiful and makes you fall in love with Paris all over again (something that seems to happen at every turn these days).

P.S. While we’re on the subject of the Eiffel Tower, I learned the most exciting thing recently. Apparently in the 1980s, a restaurant that used to be on some level of the tower was dismantled piece by piece and sent across the Atlantic to its new home in–wait for it–NEW ORLEANS. I’m pretty sure it’s now called the Eiffel Society, and I’m not exactly sure what happens there, but I’m interested in going. Just think–I can be in New Orleans and Paris at the same time! (Well, sort of…just indulge me here.)

P.P.S. As you’re reading this, I’m in Nice enjoying the Cote d’Azur…will return with lots of great things to talk about, I imagine!


2 responses to “light show at la tour eiffel

  1. Maryann Vaughan

    after spending 5 days in your old “favorite” city, I can see why you might want to live in a cityl Not me….It was fun but wonderful to come home to Cary and my spacious house. Kevin and debbie have a 2 bedroom apartment in a lovely doorman building with one bath…and pay over $3000 a month for POa FEES ALONE. tHEY HAVE been trying to sell it for years but the fees are so exorbinant that that is what is keeping it from being sold. However we stayed with them for three days and 2 days by ourselves. The multitude of different..ethnic restaurants is overwhelming. However we did marvelous Italian and Irish for Sunday brunch.

    Poppy and I ate in the restaurant on the Eiffle tower in the 70ties. It was call Jules “Verne restaaurant, and sitting there with the tower lit, and the city below was breathtaking. It was my first trip to Paris and it was magical. I am reliving it though you my sweet girl.

    • I’m glad you had fun! Sad I couldn’t go with you :(…we could have gotten lost looking for restaurants we’d already found and eaten cheesecake at midnight! So fun. I still love New York just as much. It’s pretty great, I’ve got to say. 🙂

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