midterm woes

I have midterms next week, and they are seriously inhibiting my capacity to enjoy Paris. I shouldn’t complain, really, because my workload has been pretty underwhelming so far this semester. It’s absolutely blissful and perfect for a semester abroad, but it’s making this rare busy week hurt twice as much. I know, I’m really in for it when I get back to Tulane in the spring.

Anyway, I probably won’t have many exciting things to blog about over the next few days. Instead, I’ll show my love for all things français by posting this picture that popped up in one of our History of Fashion powerpoints because I just love it. It’s of Catherine Deneuve circa 19sixtysomething, and doesn’t it just make you want to transport yourself to that era, put something pretty in your hair, and snuggle with a puppy?




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