all work and no play makes me ready for some eurotripping

So, I successfully made it through midterms. To give you an idea of how very non-glamorous and unexciting the past week has been for me, I thought I’d share the highlights with you. Yes, highlights. These are the most exciting things that happened all week. It hurts me more than it hurts you.

1. Crafty Solutions to Parisian Problems

I don’t know how to study without flash cards. Those convenient little index cards keep me from idly browsing through notes and tricking myself into thinking that I know things I don’t. They are almost entirely responsible for my GPA, and I would very much like to send their creator a thank you note, if anyone has any information on that. Here’s the issue. Despite searching a school supplies store, several local grocery stores, and of course, Monoprix, I still couldn’t find them. Uh-oh. Solution?




I’m actually really into this whole cute-notebook-as-flash-cards thing. It keeps them all together and orderly! Wow, I’m making myself sound really OCD here. Anyway. That’s about as crafty as I get, friends.

Told you this week hasn’t been exciting.

2. The Fruits of My Procrastination

Website I came across procrastinating on the internet:


This is sort of like Pandora, which tragically doesn’t work in France. (Add that to the Parisian problems list along with “lack of index cards” and “not enough good grocery stores”. It’s a hard knock life.) The difference is that you pick your mood, and the website comes up with a playlist for you! But it’s not just boring stuff like “happy”, “sad”, etc…it’s “just woke up”, “road trip’, “good karma”, “cooking time”, “lost in Jamaica”…do you love it already or what?! Minor issue is that it’s It’s a little bit too indiehipsterwhatever for me, but it’s okay, it just makes me feel cooler than I actually am. (What will take me back to my actual level of coolness is inevitably finding out that everyone has known about this website since freshman year and there’s something much more of-the-moment that everyone’s listening to now.)

More fruits of my procrastination:


I guess the craftiness continues after all. I took some creative license with the Om symbol. Fun stuff. Sacrilegious? Hope not.

3. I painted my nails.



Okay, fine. This color is the opposite of edgy. In fact, it’s just another slight variation on the Tiffany blue theme that’s been all over the nails of, oh, every girl in my generation for the past year or two. And it’s called Mint Candy Apple (edddggeee), so there’s that. But I’m extremely traditional about my nail polish. Seriously, the most interesting shade I own is probably, like, a shade of pale lavender. (Actually I have a very specific color in mind, and it’s called Neo-Whimsical. If you want to get technical about it.)


So there I am, admiring my nails, appreciating how nicely they go with candy corn (and also green apples, I totally get the appeal of this color, everyone!), feeling so edgy, listening to my indie music website…and then. I get an email from my sister. She pierced her cartilage. Looks like I got out-edged.

photo (1)

That’s pretty much the edgiest thing that’s happened in our family since…ever. To show you just how not edgy we are. Want me to say “edgy” one more time? Do people still say that? I’m so lame. (Another word I’m pretty sure people don’t say anymore.)

4. Speaking of Candy Corn…


I ate a lot of it this week. I’m sort of obnoxious about my foods not containing questionable ingredients (my mother gets a lecture every time she buys Reduced Fat Jif for my newly-pierced sister), but admittedly, I have a small list of foods whose ingredients I turn a blind eye to. It mainly consists of candy. These little sugar bomb delights are at the top of it. Well, actually, they’re right underneath the syrup that makes pumpkin spice lattes taste so pumpkiny and delightful…which I choose to believe is simply distilled autumn.

5. Stress-Induced Shopping

I think of myself as a functioning shopaholic. I literally do not remember making a conscious decision to walk into Zara, but next thing I know, I was in the dressing room with a pile of clothes. Actually, wait, it was not “next thing I know”. Waiting in line for a dressing room in France is the looonngest process. Even longer than grocery store lines. But unlike grocery store lines, I don’t mind dressing room lines. Why? Because the women who inhabit French dressing rooms are my people. I take FOR-EV-ER when trying on clothes. I just have to be absolutely sure. If it doesn’t perfectly suit me in the dressing room, it’s not earning a spot in my closet. But I have to be meticulous about deciding what does and does not suit me, see. So when I see a woman emerges from a dressing room after fifteen minutes holding nothing but three oxford shirts, do I get upset or irritated? Nope. I smile to myself. I get it.

Amazingly comfortable, cozy, spontaneously purchased sweater: 49.95 (euros)

Knowing you’re among your shopping soulmates: PRICELESS

6. Discovering only after I returned from the grocery store in my running clothes (cringe) that my legs were covered in an ambiguous muddy substance (double cringe).


Now there’s a fashion statement the Parisians are going to be dying to emulate. I thought I was getting more pitying/disdainful/questioning stares than the usual gym-clothes-in-public routine warrants. Eh. you win some, you lose some.

7. I guess, now that I think about it, this week does have another highlight…


Funny thing is, no one’s going to know that because no one’s going to have made it through this post of non-excitement. But just in case anyone hung in there….

Yes, all that boredom and studying and dullness will now be rewarded. I’m dying with anticipation. I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve. While I knew I wanted to study abroad in Paris, my mom studied abroad in Florence and had the time of her life, so Italy has been my number one travel dream since I was like, six. Which, on a related note, is probably the age I was when I realized that I could happily live off of carbohydrates if given the opportunity. I hope Italy’s been stocking up on pizza, pasta, and bread, because the Carb Queen is finally coming home, and she’s training for a marathon.



I’ve got The Sun Also Rises (cool tortured people leaving Paris for Spain, totally like me! except not really) and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (for some Halloween creepiness) downloaded on my Kindle, a fully charged iPod, toenails freshly painted in a shade so blood red it’s called “Downtown Brown” (but is a red at heart, promise), and candy corn to share. Other than that, I’m seriously lacking in the, you know, practical things department, so I’m off to go finish packing (I’m thinking stretchy pants?). The laptop’s probably not going to make the cut, so I’ll be back in twelve days with tales from my no carb left behind tour. Until then, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite movie clips.


2 responses to “all work and no play makes me ready for some eurotripping

  1. Gasp!!!!two blogs(for mee) in one day. I’m over the hill….not I didn’t mean that…what do I mean? Ok very happy will do. Sorry to say this but….Be careful. Know where your passport and money is at all times. People out there are just waiting for you beautiful American girls to arrive and get all silly and careless. ok,,,,I’ll stop nagging. Just You know…I’m just saying!

    Havae a great trip. Love you lots, amma

  2. Loved the video clip. See, you’ve got a number of devoted fans reading to the end! Be safe, have fun, and keep good notes. Can’t wait to read all about it!
    LOVE, A.M.

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