little dutch girl

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I have to admit, it was a little bit rough to wake up this morning and know that today was not going to involve the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a long run with my dad, copious amounts of food and drink with family and friends, or my family’s signature out of control after dinner dance party. Luckily, though, I have a lifetime of American Thanksgivings ahead of me, and for all I know, this could be my last chance to give the holiday a Parisian spin. So, I made the day mine by pity-purchasing a festive-seeming necklace this morning that I will proceed to wear to the Thanksgiving dinner being held at my school this evening. Today may not include my dad’s wine collection, my aunt’s roasted winter vegetables, desserts from Gabriel’s, or oysters freshly shucked by my grandfather, but I’ll make it count. After all, I’m incredibly thankful to be here, and that’s what the day’s all about, right?

I just might be writing this from my History of Fashion class. (Don’t worry, I’m listening out of the corner of my ear to our fascinating discussion on crinolines.) Once I get home, though, I have a new post to put up. Here’s a preview:

dutch girls 001

When I was little, I would throw my dinner napkin over my head scarf-style (such a little lady), and, at the encouragement of my grandmother, proclaim through my giggles, “I’m a little Dutch girl!” (Sometimes I was Swedish, and with that shock of white-blonde hair, I certainly looked the part.) Anyway, I recently got to bring the childhood dream to life, and it was a delight. More to come!


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