paris, je t’aime (beaucoup)

a few things I ought to be doing…

  • schoolwork
  • unpacking
  • tidying up my room
  • laundry
  • (at the very least) writing a post on recent adventures

a few things I’m doing instead…

  • browsing Pinterest & Etsy for Paris-themed art
  • downloading books about Paris
  • daydreaming up ways to come back to Paris
  • making myself prematurely nostalgic for life in Paris
  • eating clementines & drinking peppermint tea


I have nineteen days left in this perfect place. Now, how to make the most of them?


2 responses to “paris, je t’aime (beaucoup)

  1. Peppermint tea and Clementinea day here, too! Soak up all the ordinary everyday things there… Light candles in churches, revisit favorite views, eat baguettes and runny cheeses, eat croissants and macarons, go sit in front of Monet’s poppies. Sally Faulkner said to be sure to visit Le Magasin (?) decorated for Christmas.

  2. Enjoy each moment as you have and looked forward to coming home to loved ones and a continued wonderful experience at Tulane!
    Although you have many wonderful digital photos, make sure you take a few mental pictures that you can return at any time!

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